Hair loss in men at a young age

Hair loss in men at a young age

Partial or complete loss of hair on the head is one of the most “acute” problems in men. And baldness can be observed even at an early age. For many members of the stronger sex it becomes a huge problem, which generates a lot of other complexes. As a rule, hair loss on the head indicates a number of disorders in the body, and the sooner the man solves them, the more chances he has to stay with an attractive hairstyle.

Causes of early alopecia

The AhealthyMan men’s health website has an article about the latest research in the field of trichology, which says that there are a number of internal and external factors that negatively affect the density of the hair. The most common causes of alopecia in young men are:

  • heredity – alopecia, which is observed on the father’s side, several times increases the risk of profuse hair loss in the son at an early age (although standard, with a normal lifestyle, the hereditary factor manifests itself between the ages of 35 and 50);
  • Changes in hormonal background – an overabundance of dihydrotestosterone is detrimental to hair follicles;
  • diseases that cause fever (a sharp increase in body temperature has a negative effect on the hair follicles);
  • Infections of bacterial and fungal nature (dandruff, dermatitis) can provoke baldness if ignored (when the problem is neglected);
  • Improper nutrition – a poorly balanced diet can cause alopecia;
  • Regular lack of sleep and bad habits have a negative effect on hair follicles;
  • Thyroid problems and cancer;
  • poor environmental situation in the place of residence.


The effectiveness of alopecia treatment depends largely on the accuracy of the diagnosis. The main types of alopecia:

If you notice that your hair is falling out more than usual, take a close look at your hair. If your hair is thick, there’s nothing to worry about – it means that the hair loss has been replaced with healthier hair, and the slightly increased intensity of hair loss is due to some physiological changes in the body. However, if you observe thinning, dry and brittle curls, it is worth taking the necessary measures. It is important to promptly contact a specialist who will identify the cause of allopecia and prescribe a rational treatment.

Methods of treatment and transplantation

Hair loss at a young age is a consequence of serious malfunctions in the body. There are several ways to get rid of baldness:

Another treatment for alopecia is transplantation. If the appearance of bald spots is provoked by hormonal disorders or a hereditary factor, transplantation is the only correct method to solve this problem. Today hair follicle transplantation is performed in several ways:

All trichologists agree that the earlier you start transplantation, the better it will go. At an early age, the quality of the donor material is better and the grafting area is smaller. In addition, the areas from which hair follicles are removed recover faster. Before making a decision about transplantation, you should undergo a thorough examination and get a consultation with a specialist.

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