Self-Education on the Internet”, “Elite Internet”, “Internet Marketing”

Alexey Blokhin – “Internet for Medical Purposes”, “Excel File Replenishment”, “Economic Programming”, “E-Commerce Management”, “Trade Marketing and Internet Advertising”

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Dmitry Serkov – “Optimization and promotion of sites,” “Marketing on the Internet: business promotion on the Internet (MLM-companies),” “Management in the Internet business,” “Managerial Consulting on the Internet.

Social Media. Social networks will become a tool of attraction, retention and development, and accordingly, image positioning. We will talk about “social networks” – solutions for large companies, which solve the whole range of tasks – from the placement of social media to create a strategy for promoting the company online. Read about this and much more in the first part of the book.

In September 2011 in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, the regular Fall Internet-Business Forums (AIBF 2011) were held, of which I was a participant and, of course, I used the opportunity to speak there on the topic “Social Media and Business. For those who are in the know. The speeches touched on questions of increasing the effectiveness of a company’s work in social media: from creating a strategy and working methods to reputation management and analytics.

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