Our Story

We are a team of professionals who are committed to exceeding our clients' expectation.

We pride our salon in creating a relaxing but upbeat atmosphere with the best customer service experience.


At the core of our commitment to provide each customer an unforgettable experience is our dedication to a safe and sanitized setting. All of our tools will be sterilized through a multistep process designed to eliminate all contamination.


After washing, all of our tools will be submerged in concentrated saline solution before being treated by our FDA registered Dry Heat Sterilizer.


New disposable nail file, BUFFER and pumice stone, coupled with disposable liners for manicure and pedicures bowls will provide each customer with the most ULTRA hygienic experience. We also offer various organic beverages for your enjoyment of our services.


Organic Nail Bar is your best choice for a nail salon and we are looking forward to providing you with our exceptional services.

Our Products

We strive to deliver the best service complete with top of the line products, at affordable pricing without compromising clients’ satisfaction. All of our nail polishes are 5-free, 7-free, or 13-free to eliminate possible allergic reactions or health issues.

Explore the benefits of organic products