Best Nature Tourism in Germany, Most Famous

If you are looking for a vacation rich in history, culture, and natural beauty in Europe but always on a budget, then Germany is the right country for you to visit. However, unlike most developed countries that carry out large-scale development, even to the point of sacrificing their nature, Germany is the opposite. In Germany, they actually maintain their nature so that it is always sustainable. So it’s no wonder that if you go on vacation to Germany, you can not only stop by castles or museums, but also various natural tourist attractions. Here are recommendations for natural tourist attractions in Germany!

1. Oktoberfest

Are you a beer lover? Come to Munich in October, and you will be happy to drink beer for two weeks. Usually the festival is held for sixteen days in a place called Theresienwiese (d’Wiesn). The opening of the festival is marked by the opening of the beer keg by the Mayor of Munich with the words “O’zapft is!” (Bavarian for “It is opened!”).

2. Berlin Wall

For those of you who love history, the Berlin Wall can be included in your holiday destination list because this wall is evidence of important events in Germany and being able to visit it must be a pleasure for those of you who love historical places. Built in 1961 and torn down in 1990

3. Saxon Switzerland National Park

Not only does it have a slot 10 ribu number of castles, Germany also has a fairytale-style forest, namely the Saxon Switzerland National Park. Located 2 hours away from the city of Dresden, Saxon Switzerland National Park is not only famous for its dense forests, but also unique rock formations known as Bastei.

4. Rugen Cliffs

better known as Rugia Island, is located between the Pomeranian and Baltic Seas. This area is famous as a tourist destination because of its beautiful white sand beaches, different natural landscapes, and stunning resort architecture. The most famous object here is Jasmund National Park with its limestone cliffs called Victoria-Sicht (Victoria’s View) and Königsstuhl (King’s Chair).

5. New home

Neue Heimat (New Hometown) first opened in the summer of 2016 and is now a popular spot for both tourists and Berliners. It is open on weekends and has a wide range of food on offer.

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