Complete Explanation About Nail Art – Who doesn’t know what nail art is? In short, nail art can be defined as nail art with various patterns, shapes and colors. Nail art has become a popular trend all over the world. Many people use it as a way to maximize their creativity and add a personal touch to their appearance. Each nail art design can reflect a person’s personality, interests and lifestyle. Nail art is the act of beautifying nails by providing drawings, paintings or decorations either directly or using false nails. The aim of this research is to explain the history, shape, color and manufacturing techniques. This research method uses literature study. The results of the research show that nail art or the art of decorating nails has been known for hundreds of years and has developed to the present day, there are forms of nail art that can be seen from the nails, namely oval, square, squoval, round and pointed, in terms of color there are various colors available. However, its use must be adjusted to skin color. The techniques used to create nail art are brushes, stamping, water marble, and ombre. The results of this research are to increase knowledge of nail art that can be utilized by society and education. Source by

What is Nail Art?

So what exactly is nail art? Nail art is the art of printing nails by painting or painting nails using special polish for nails. In this art, nails can be decorated with various pictures, paintings or decorations, either directly on the nails or on fake nails that are adjusted to the size of the nails. Nail Art is an art form that originates from Japan. This art of decorating nails only entered Indonesia about six years ago. In nail art, nails are considered a canvas that can be decorated with various materials such as cat nails, stickers, glitter, diamond decorations and small pictures.

Based on the book Nail Art – 50 Beautiful Creations for Your Beautiful Nails, Nathalia Karakhati Roberta, 2013, page 10, before doing nail art there are several steps that need to be done. The goal is to keep the nails in a clean and healthy condition. Apart from that, the nail decoration can stick perfectly.

The main purpose of nail art is aesthetic or beautiful, but there are also several health benefits associated with this art. For example, using nail polish with vitamins and minerals can help strengthen nails and maintain overall nail health.

The Role of Nail Art in the World of Fashion

Nail art has an important role in the world of fashion because it can add a touch of creativity and style to a person’s appearance. One way nail art can play a role in the world of fashion is by adding a touch of color and design to the hands that enhances a person’s stylish look. Nail art can also reflect certain fashion themes or trends, such as colors or patterns appropriate to a season or special occasion.

Apart from that, nail art can also help someone increase their self-confidence, and become part of a person’s personal identity. So, whatever style you wear, it will look more beautiful with the addition of nail art. This is a complete explanation of what nail art is and its role in the world of fashion. Hopefully this review is useful

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