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The issue of an apology again hit the local headlines in the summer of 2012, as the Tillman case was settled with the city, giving Daley another pass when it came to his being required to detail his role in the torture scandal under oath. In October 2008, Jon Burge was indicted by a federal grand scam jury in Chicago for lying about whether he tortured African-American suspects with electric shock, suffocation and other medieval techniques from 1972 to 1991. The indictment followed a $20 million settlement that was approved, in January 2008, by the Chicago City Council and awarded to four African American men who were tortured into giving false confessions and spent decades on death row for crimes they did not commit. The demand was later included in a petition that urged a sentence for Burge that was commensurate with his underlying crimes and accounted for his refusal to accept responsibility for his serialized torture. We do not guarantee that the 3DS Site will be free from error and exclude all responsibility in the event of error or omission.

Get our free daily newsletter delivered straight to your inbox Monday through Friday. “So what I would hate to see is somehow they get shaped into, ‘It’s DeSantis’s fault, these allegations, they are all falling on DeSantis.’ He was a lieutenant. With the Bush White House urging a quick resolution, DeSantis was part of a legal team tapped to help the Naval investigators who were interviewing witnesses and reviewing evidence, according to McCarthy, although he did not recall specifics of DeSantis’s role. The Post could not independently verify the claim, and DeSantis’s office did not respond to a question about it. I answered one question. Although Farmer mentions directly that the book is in concert with the work of Stephen Ward and Peniel Joseph, Joseph’s work exemplifies the “phallocentric readings of the era” that Remaking Black Power professes to question (12). While Farmer claims to challenge works that traditionally do not recognize women’s perspectives or intersections of politics and gender (15). She ultimately goes out of her way not to critique previous scholarship, and a historiography would have more clearly articulated exactly where Farmer intended the book to stand in the field of Black Power. The experts praised the unrelenting and brave work of defence lawyers who have battled to protect the rule of law and identified the persistent human rights failures in the day-to-day operation of Commissions.

He has described the hunger strikes as part of a “jihad” against the United States, and characterized claims of abuse from detainees and their lawyers as attempts to work the system – foreshadowing his conservative views as a lawmaker on issues ranging from constitutional rights to military and criminal justice. In 2005, lawyers and activists, at the urging of noted Chicago civil rights attorney Standish Willis, turned to the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights (IACHR) and the United Nations Committee Against Torture (CAT) in order to raise the issue of Chicago police torture to the international community as a human rights issue. Chicago. …. So, I apologize to everybody. On the heels of Burge’s conviction, a group of artists and educators joined forces with activists and PLO attorney Joey Mogul to form an organization that would become known as the Chicago Torture Justice Memorials (CTJM). Devoted to restorative justice, CTJM’s first project was to call on artists and activists to propose how they would memorialize the Chicago Police torture cases and the struggle for justice for victims. I was not the police chief. The resolution, which was backed by a petition signed by 3,500 people, was thought by many to be symbolic only, and several witnesses who testified at the hearing, including Chilean torture survivor and human rights activist Mario Venegas and myself, raised the issues of financial compensation, an official apology and funding for the treatment of all police torture survivors.

The US has spent more than $5.48 trillion on the “War on Terror” including $540 million a year just to detain prisoners at Guantánamo. In the UK, an average of about US$3,500 is spent on healthcare per person each year. It was a time of frantic activity at the prison, amid mounting legal challenges filed on behalf of detainees and widespread hunger strikes the year before. Until then, he says he knew the man as a young Navy lawyer stationed at the prison, but now he had a name: Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida. There have been many itterations since then, with varying degrees of automation. “still alive,” which was “a luxury” that the victims of Qaeda attacks did not have. Following Holmes’ moving testimony and the imposition of the sentence that many felt was far too short, we took the opportunity to again publicly raise the apology issue, telling the press that “the new mayor will have to apologize to these victims of torture.” That new mayor turned out to be Rahm Emanuel, who won easily that spring.

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